Artist Statement

imagination-mindmapElwira Jarecka

I choose Fine Arts as my major because since I was a little girl I felt passion to art. Throughout art I could expressed my emotions, feelings and creativity. I found out that I enjoy to paint, by mistake. Years ago my mom bought very nice antique frame, but it was missing a painting. I was trying to find nice painting at  the store  or gallery, but every painting was very expensive because the frame was pretty large. I decided that I will paint by myself. I bought painting supplies paint, everything I needed to fill out the empty frame. It was an amazing experience. My first painting is my favorite from all a have painted so far. Since that time paint is my favorite medium. Before I went to school nobody told me how to stretch a canvass or how to mix colors, it came out naturally.

I decided to learn more about painting , look at art from different perspective, and express more details throughout the brush strokes. So far I produced many acrylic paintings, and majority of them are made for school projects. Many of my paintings contains straight lines that have very precise lines, and some of them are only abstractions. Sometimes I will experiment with black and white. One of my paintings is oil paint , 30”x 40” . I also created collages made by black and white prints, and construction paper.imagesCAS4FD8A

I would like to create impressive paintings. I love graphic design, It is amazing what kind of art you can create throughout some computer programs. I would like to create paintings, so they would look like it was made by the computer. I think it is possible if a person have a very good sense of color, preciseness, and imagination.

Like every artist, I would like to be known as an artist, however, New York have so many great artist that it is almost impossible. Jean Michel Basquiat, a great artist, said: “ One day I will be famous,” so he was, and still is. It was his dream to create great art and be as an artist. Through his work he was shocking everyone. I would like to shocked with my art, and imagination. I know that I will have to create millions of paintings to be recognizable in the art world. I hope, that my paintings will be recognized with my person.

I am a hairstylist and colorist. My creativity and sense of color help me at work. However I would like to do something new, something more extraordinary and fascinating. I would like to be an artist but also to make living of it, that today it is very difficult to do.


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