Success-Requires-SacrificesMy name is Elwira Jarecka, I am international student from Poland at La Guardia Community College, who is  majoring  is Fine Arts. My main goal is to graduate from LaGuardia Community college, and transfer my credits to Fashion Institute of Technology  or Pratt Institute to continue my education.

Many people have different reasons and stories when talking about entering the promise land which is the USA. My story began when I was a two-year old girl. My father looking for an opportunity of better life for my family immigrated to the US taking with him my mother. Since the age of two I had been raised by my grandmother who has enough patience to deal with three little children (me, my sister, and my brother). To fulfill my dream I was forced to leave my comfortable live in Poland, my family, and job, and make a tremendous effort to come to America.  I had a feeling that finally my dream will come true.

When I landed on JFK, in year 2004, I noticed that in reality New York is much more different than the city presented in movies. People presented in movies as relaxed, in reality they were very busy and always running. City that seems to be perfect and rich with its architecture reviled its true face of pollution and filth. At the beginning I was shocked, everything looked different that I imagined. I thought that instead of heaven I landed in hell. I was terrified.

Living in New York changes my life, values, and goals. Without knowing English Language I was handicapped. At that time I felt misunderstood and abandoned by the whole world. I decided to study English language. Through the Computer Professional Learning Center school in Manhattan I got F-1 visa, which is a student visa. I have been studying there almost three years. Later, I transferred to La Guardia Community College, where I have been studying ESL. When I finished the ESL program, I was ready to go to college. I choose Fine Arts as my major because since I was a little girl I felt passion to art. Throughout art I could expressed my emotions, feelings and creativity. This institution helped me to be more mature, I learned to think critically, and I learned punctuation. Today I am determined to work hard and achieve my goals. Because of hard work, twice I was on Dean’s List, and became a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Schlüssel zum Erfolg

After years spent in NYC, I may say that coming to New York was one of the most beautiful things that happen to me. I could never imagine better school of life where people are so friendly, where multicultural society creates the feeling of being citizen of the world. At the begging everything look so strange, people so different from those that I knew. Languages so unfamiliar and exotic that make the illusion of being in many different countries at the same time. However, it was only illusion, those unfamiliar people began to be my close friends, the language became to be my language which I use every day, and the promise land became my home.


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