Midsemester Reflection

Course Description

Students will engage in self directed research in the form of written, and creative projects specific to their discipline; Fine Art, Design, Art History, or Graphic Illustration. These projects will develop in consultation with the Instructor. Students will develop oral and visual presentations, and participate in class critiques. Art majors will complete and finalize their portfolios, and Portfolios, made up of representative examples of studio work.

By reading course description I expected to learn talk more about my art, and create my portfolio because I didn’t create it yet. I was afraid of presentations and critiques. I was afraid of creating my own blog because I expected that it is very difficult. However, the class, so far it goes in easy and comfortable way. The presentations are not so difficult because we need to talk about the process of our art piece, which is easy because everyone knows how was made , what kind of materials have been used, and why we choose them. Critiques are also not so scary anymore because the classmates know each other, and we can help each other to make the piece even better.

So far I learned how to create my own blog on WORDPRESS. COM. At first, I was frightened because I thought it will be more difficult; however professor made it very easy. At my blog I was able to place pictures of my art that I made during my education at LaGuardia College. I am happy that I took all art courses because it was helpful in this class. For instance, classes I took before this class are Beginning Drawing, Beginning Painting, Introduction to Design, and Color Theory.

Projects the class made so far wasn’t easy, but also wasn’t difficult. So far we did two projects. The Wrapped project, and Palimpsest project. Reading the instructions, you would think it would be easy, but it really wasn’t. Project was time consuming; also it makes you to think a little bit more of the object as an art. The second project was even more complicated. The most difficult was to choose the subject, and the right book for this project. However, I did the presentation, but I still fill I could do much better project