Assignment: Using an exacto knife, scissors and possibly even the bandsaw in the sculpture studio, you will modify the book by cutting it in some way and adding painted or drawn elements that you create to modify the way the book reads and/or appears in order to make it into a “physical” work of Art. This can be poetic and can read in any direction you choose: front to back, back to front, up or down. So you will create a graphic art object/story That has to be read both visually and in words of whatever language you choose (invent your own: see the book “a Clockwork Orange” and look at the drawings and work of Saul Steinberg). You will naturally redesign the cover completely even to the extent that you may modify the shape of the book (slightly, keeping the “codex” concept in mind).

IMG_5673 (2)IMG_5677 (2)IMG_5679 (2)IMG_5676 (2)


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